Energy in harmony – water on the farm


The project stems from the fundamental idea of ​​”Respect for the environment and not to waste” which involves the recovery and disposal of water. As regards the water, a canalization system for white, gray and black water was created in the company; the gray and black waters end up after various settling tanks in the phytodepuration tanks, where the plants will take care of purifying it; the white water or rainwater to be understood has been channeled into a recovery tank where it will be reused for irrigation.

The water pumps and many farm equipment are powered by electricity, so the project involves the construction of a photovoltaic system on the two roofs of the agricultural annexes combined with an experimental wind power plant.

The waste material from the work in the fields, such as the pruning of the olive grove and the forestation system, will be used to power the multi-fuel boiler, the main source of heating for the various living rooms of the company.

The installation and commissioning of the solar panels will take care of the production of hot water.

The course targets all students as users

  • from maternal to high school
  • groups of adults
  • groups of foreigners, with the possibility of exposure for all in English and French

(The use of foreign languages ​​will be contextualized to the method, becoming a support for it, where required or deemed appropriate due to the number of visitors)