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From the courtyard to the “arks”

A large anti-predator fence has been set up on the farm for the breeding of courtyard animals, where the animals live free and in promiscuity and sleep in shelters called “mobile arks”.
Each type of animal will meet for the night with its own kind with an optimal density of heads, sized for the type of animal (hens, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and guinea fowl).
The course will include the administration of water and food to each species, with an illustration of the various types of breeds. Information will be provided about the power choices and why the choice to use mobile arks. In the large enclosure, a space for rabbits has been created, where you can observe the behavior of five rabbits and a rabbit in the common room created with straw bales, in the delivery and hatching rooms for bunnies made with concrete manholes and tunnels. artificial, the refreshment and catch corner.

The course targets all students as users

  • from maternal to high school
  • groups of adults
  • groups of foreigners, with the possibility of exposure for all in English and French.

(The use of foreign languages ​​will be contextualized to the method, becoming a support for it, where required or deemed appropriate due to the number of visitors)