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It is an agricultural land of 14 hectares plunged in the green Umbrian hills, made up of vineyards, olive groves, pastures and woods. All of us on the farm personally take care of what we produce and we take care to do it with deep respect for nature and human health.
The rediscovery that “nothing is wasted” of peasant culture led us to restore some crops. That of corn, for example, where the seed was used as food for animals, and as flour for men, the cob as heating in the fireplaces, and now in our multi-fuel boilers, and the leaves for weaving baskets. Waste recycling was once minimal, there were no plastic bags and food leftovers found exceptional disposal tools in pigs. In the company we are setting up pig shelters. Respect for the environment and nature has led us to build the phyto-purification system for wastewater on the farm, in order to be able to recover part of it for irrigation; the rainwater,was connected to a recovery pond to cope with the scarcity of water in the area. For energy savings, a photovoltaic system and a small wind power plant are being built for the production of hot water and solar panels. Do not waste and waste, respect nature, are the main teachings of the old men of these lands. In addition to the poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks and rabbits), we have 7 beautiful horses that live free in their paddock paradise, 12 Suffolk sheep, 3 pet dogs (Totò, Maggie and Archie) and 2 pet cats (Birba and Tiger). The effort of our family, in essence, is that of try to harmonize human relationships, the environment and the nature that surrounds us, the past and the future, with our life … by writing our history, with small signs, even together with you and those who want to come and see us.


8.45-9.00 am Welcome of the participants and illustration of the day’s program and division into groups

9.15-9.30 am Laboratory “Aromatic herbs” example ’laboratory Example” Sheep – Horses – Chicks etc … “

11.00-11.15 am Snack with the typical products of the company

11.15-12.45 am Rotation of groups

13.00-14.00 pm Didactic lunch

14.15-15.45 pm Relax – sport – walk in the woods

16.00-16.30 pm Reworking of the day

17.00-17.15 pm Homecoming

*Cost contribution of the day € 30 per pax

AgriLeisureTime staff

Take a look at the farm


A space dedicated to young people of all ages, learning to live with nature, sometimes retracing ancient gestures such as taking care of farmyard animals, making pasta as grandparents did. These are experiences that enrich the spirit and awareness.

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Siamo il laboratorio e cielo aperto, in ambiente naturale che – con la presenza dell’uomo “coltivatore” nel senso più ampio della parola – trasforma in esperienza molte delle cose studiate a scuola e altre che si hanno dentro da sempre che non si sono mai trovate e provate (sensazioni-emozioni-ricordi)

LABORATORI DIDATTICI (alcuni esempi dei nostri laboratori)


  • Gentilezza come relazione;
  • Relazione con gli animali della fattoria;
  • Relazione con le piante;
  • Dieta Mediterranea – stile di vita.


  • Dal cortile alle arche;
  • Erbe aromatiche e i fiori guaritori;
  • Il bosco di ieri e oggi;
  • Il lavoro quotidiano in fattoria.


  • Memorie di gesti e sapori;
  • Sale aromatico;
  • Dal grano alla pasta;
  • Orto sinergico.