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Educational visits to the farm have now become an integral part of the school programs of schools in many Italian regions and also in Umbria they are a well-established practice.
we can accommodate 20-22 kids for long weekends, weeks…

Through the Educational Farms, in fact, it is possible to study themes such as, for example, sustainable agriculture, the peculiarities of the territory, the seasonality of the productions, the rediscovery of forgotten flavors, also through taste workshops, the ancient crafts, traditions and peasant culture.

The method foresees the involvement of teachers, who guide the students in carrying out practical activities capable of stimulating their curiosity, reflection and critical spirit.
The opportunity created in bringing school and agriculture, the reality of the city and that of the nearby countryside into contact, thus makes it easier to understand the role of the farmer as a witness and guardian of the environmental and cultural wealth of the area.

The boys on the farm


A space dedicated to young people of all ages, learning to live with nature, sometimes retracing ancient gestures such as taking care of farmyard animals, making pasta as grandparents did. These are experiences that enrich the spirit and awareness.

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