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Between Senses and Nature

A space where you can enjoy colors that can be heard, discover sounds to see, experience infinite spaces at your fingertips, appreciate the flavor of the hills on your tongue, perceive the fragrance of dimensions

Our History – Agrileisuretime Spoleto

A foreign language teacher, a professional volleyball player, an agricultural entrepreneur…
Each of us has put together their passions and talents to give life to the Agrileisuretime, a place to relax, to regain possession of their time, to learn how to do many things under our constant guidance. Our farm is for those who love nature, animals, get together to chat about organic food, recipes that come from the peasant tradition and the collection of wild herbs in all seasons, walk in the woods and let the children play with the animals of the farm or on the sand of our large sports arena and also learn languages, English and French .. from an early age playing in the natural environment



A space dedicated to young people of all ages, learning to live with nature, sometimes retracing ancient gestures such as taking care of farmyard animals, making pasta as grandparents did. These are experiences that enrich the spirit and awareness.


Sport is vital essence, it is regenerating energy. The core of our mission is to care about our guest’s wellness. We are focused on sports, relax and leisure.


Agriturism, Sport facilities, Events, Theme nights

Educational farm, Agriculture, School-work alternation

English Beach Camp, Campus

Area of ​​research, promotion and support of educational sensitivities

Accounting Office

Marketing ad event planner


The agriturism is located between Spoleto, Trevi, Montefalco and Castel Ritaldi, in an area surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, in the area of DOP Umbrian olive oil and Sagrantino wine. If you are looking for an artistic-cultural itinerary not far from here you will be able to visit pretty towns of Assisi, Spello, Bevagna, Trevi, Montefalco and Spoleto; a little further away you can travel to Perugia, Gubbio and Orvieto. If you are looking for an artistic-cultural itinerary, a few tens of kilometers away are the cities of Assisi, Spello and Spoleto; a little further away are Perugia, Gubbio and Orvieto, all worth a visit for their artistic heritage.